Production Design

Production Design 

jy studios

A Production design company 

Through set design and art directing 

our job is to be responsible for the visual concept of a film, Television Production

or Theater production.

  Identify a design style for set design, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera angles and costumes, while working closely with the director and producer following

 a script.

Shereen Farghal 

Owner and founder 


Production Designer 

Teaching production design

(Academy of Art)

virtual studio technology master degree Master Degree 

Taghrid Abouelhassan

Managing Partner


Virtual Studio Sets

Virtual Set Design


In the age of contemporary technology, television manufacturing has changed in numerous dramatic ways. Several of these modifications have actually meant that studios now have the ability to not only save amount of money on collections, yet to additionally have higher adaptability and choices when it comes to the backgrounds that they prefer to make use of for different sets.​

jy studios croma studio 

  Professional broadcast studio

80 square meter and 4.5 meters height 

croma installed 

virtual studio system equipped 

virtual set design & consuultancy 


Shereen Farghal 

Teaching production design

(Academy of Art)

(High Cinema Institute)





Brain Waves 

using Brain Storm Virtual studio system

Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

covers all aspects of commercial interiors, from residential to industrial, offices to retail outlets, hotels to health spas and everything in between. 

Defining the Scope

  • Planning and Design: feasibility studies, space planning, tenant development, budget analysis, design concepts, finish specifications, furniture specifications, art and accessory programs,

  • Construction Co-ordination: project management, bid management, move management, post occupancy evaluations

Programming involving the right people and gaining insight into:

  • the calendar life of the project

  • the strategic plan (as it relates to the facility, people, technology)

  • the work flow

  • the equipment and technology

  • the budgetary and maintenance issues

Schematic combines the insight gained in programming with design expertise to begin a dialogue regarding design solutions. This is typically conveyed through:

  • drawings: proposed space plans, detail drawings, elevations, 3D sketches, animated walk through

  • budgets

  • material samples

  • product cut sheets

  • product mock-ups

Design Development refines the concepts approved in the schematic phase.  Finalizing specifications of architectural plan and details, lighting, materials, furnishings, equipment and budgets.