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Meet JY Studios Founder
Shereen Farghal


Shereen Farghal, is an Egyptian female production designer. The first female Production Designer in her generation to break into the world of male-dominated production designers in Egyptian cinema and television. Graduated from the Egyptian Film Institute where she is now a professor. Shereen has been working as an art director and production designer in Egyptian films and television series for over 20 years.

She founded her production design company "JY Studios"
to give a platform for genuine Filmmaking & Virtual Studio set
design. Some of her important Film & TV Series projects include Multifaceted (TV Series), Jew's Valley (TV Series), Women's Jail (TV Series), The Best of Times (Film), Cut and Paste (Film), and many more. Shereen also excels at 3D Interior Visualization, Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design, Costume Design, and Graphic Arts.

Shereen earned her Bachelor's degree in Architectural Design & Art Direction for Filmmaking from the Higher Insitute of Cinema. She also got a Master's Degree in Virtual Studio Technology and an Art Diploma in Production Design for Cinema & TV. Since 1996, she has been lecturing on Production Design & Art Direction at the Higher Institute of Cinema and lately at BUC (Badr University).

As an active member of the community, Shereen always provides support and volunteer work to change people's lives. She started the Public Charity project (Sanay3y) to help low-income workers find new job opportunities based on their skills and launched a website ( to encourage her friends and co-workers to participate in the good cause.

Through her extensive experience, Shereen has come to realize the profound impact that design can have on businesses and communities in the commercial sector. With this newfound understanding, she decided to co-found DESIGNODES, bringing together JY Studios with a consortium of companies dedicated to delivering innovative design solutions and consultancy services across various industries.

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